Victoria's Secret Sport Review

This past weekend I recieved my Influenster Vox Box with a brand new sports bra and capri yoga pants from Victoria's Secret Sport Collection. I will say, for sports wear that I've been DYING to own, it met and exceeded every expectation! 

I received the "Incredible by Victoria's Secret Sports Bra" and "Knockout by Victoria's Secret Crop" bottoms.

Thoughts on the bra...

  • I love that you can get it in YOUR band and cup size. None of that Small, Medium, Large stuff here! 
  • A little hard to get on, but once it was on I KNEW my chest was going to stay in place for my entire workout. And it did.
  • The support was incredible. I wore it to my 1.5 yoga class the other day and did a HIIT workout this evening and it worked perfectly in both cases.
Thoughts on the crops...
  • Really thick. Which personally I LOVE! No butt crack showing through here.
  • Flattering. They made my butt look amazing. My husband told me so.
  • They moved with me. I think I only had to fix one wedgie for that whole 90 minute yoga class, which is a record low for me.
Overall I loved my products from Victoria's Secret Sport. Though they are a little pricey, I can see how the quality of them will make them last longer than any other sports clothes I own. I'll just save up and splurge occasionally. ;)

(I received these products for testing purposes from Influenster. All opinions are my own.)

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