3 Ways to Overcome Yoga Class Insecurity

I remember my first yoga class well. I was a freshman in college and decided to give the whole yoga thing a shot. I spent the entire class worrying. What do these girls think about me? Am I holding this pose right? What if I pass gas? I can only do the simplest form of the pose, am I really that out of shape?? And the self-doubt went on and on. I knew yoga class was good for me, but it was really hard!

I've done quite a bit more yoga over the past few years and have my own tried and true ways to overcome yoga class insecurity...

1. Remember this, "If you knew how often people thought about you, you'd realize how rarely they do."

I guarantee most of the people in the class are full of their own worries. They are freaking out inside about how painful that last downward dog was and less worried about the fact that you came out of yours early. They have their own dang problems to worry about.

2. Create positive mantras to repeat.

A big part of yoga is bringing together the mind, body and spirit. Create mantras to repeat to yourself when things get tough in class. If that gorgeous skinny blonde gives you a "look", have a mantra on call! "I am powerful beyond measure." "I am working hard and doing my best." "I am happy and positive." "Who I am makes a difference."

Powerful mantras can keep you going when you start doubting yourself.

3. Keep going. 

The more you go, the more you know. It's a simple as that. The more often you sit in chair pose, the easier it gets. Yoga has a lot to do with muscle memory, so things WILL feel awkward at first. You are moving your body in new ways and it's normal. Remember that even though you aren't doing yoga perfectly, it's a "practice" which means you do it over and over again. Perfection isn't the goal, progress is.

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Do you practice yoga? What are your tips for enjoying class even while having insecurities?

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