Beginning to Meditate

A couple of weeks ago I went remote for my job, aka, I get to work from my basement at home. This meant no more commuting! (insert jazz hands here) I decided I wanted to be proactive about my old commuting time (which was about 25-30 minutes) and fill that time with something that would be beneficial to my health and wellness.

After pondering, praying, googling, pinteresting, tweeting, asking around and reading article after article I came up with a new morning routine that inspired me. I'm still working out specific timing on things and will share the whole routine with you after I've been doing it for awhile. But for now, I wanted to share with you that I have been meditating! Yes! Meditating every weekday morning. And it has been beautiful.

Meditation is something I kinda linked with weirdos. I've since repented and now that I understand it a little more I think EVERYONE should do it.

While researching meditation I came across Stop, Breathe, Think, an app designed to help you learn how to meditate. I tried a few of the free guided meditations and loved them so much I went through and bought all the extra ones. They have been super worth it. Sometimes I'll just set the self-meditation timer and focus on a mantra, or ponder a gospel truth, or ponder/pray about my purpose here in life.

Sometimes in the middle of the day I'll feel stressed and I'll whip out the app and listen to the guided "Dealing with Anxiety" meditation. It's been super helpful. You can do a daily check in, where you choose a few different emotions you are feeling at that moment and the app will suggest what meditation you could use most, but you can always choose whatever meditation seems right for you.

This is not a paid review! I just wanted to share with you all what's been working for me. There are lots of other free apps out there for meditation and I'm so glad I've started this habit. Watch this intro to SBT. Have you ever tried meditation? Do you have a favorite app you use? Tell me in the comments and let's chat meditation!

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The Rachael Way said...

Very cool! I meditate a bit with yoga but I don't take it very seriously, though I should! Can't wait to read more about your morning routine!