What Do You Love About You?

A couple of weeks ago, Ashley from The Power of One Girl came and spoke to my church youth group. She did a fantastic job, and I left there feeling so inspired. Her message transcended age and touched all of us there.

At one point she asked us all to write down some things we love about ourselves. We all kinda just sat there. Looking around. Why was it so hard? So I challenged myself to think of 10 things as quickly as I could, no judgement of myself wondering if they were true, just writing them down as they came to mind.

1. I am compassionate
2. I am loving
3. I am a daughter of a Heavenly Father who loves me!
4. I am a good wife
5. I am a hard worker
6. I take care of myself
7. I share my testimony often
8. I believe in the good in everyone!
9. I am a great writer
10. I strive to follow Christ

All of the sudden, I honestly didn't care if these things were true or not. My heart felt happy. I knew that even I wasn't all of these things yet, I would be. I caught a glimpse of eternity.

When you focus on the things you aren't good at, the negative, the things you hate about yourself... that's all you see. When you focus on the good things about yourself, you begin to see yourself more and more in the way the Lord sees you. As His precious daughter, for which he has great plans. If you haven't taking a few minutes to think about how great you are, do it tonight. Pull out your journal. Open a new blog post. Say a prayer. List 10 things you love about yourself, without judgement of whether or not they are true.

God will open your mind. He will teach you about yourself and all the gifts he has given you if you ask him to. I've begun a habit of meditating 5 minutes every morning before I begin my day. I've been trying to use that time to really be still, and listen. What does God want me to know today? And some days, I feel like he is teaching me, about me. And I know that if you spend time meditating on it, God will teach you, about you.

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