Summer VacYAYtion: Be an #UnderWarrior

It's crazy to me that summer is almost over already, I'm not the only one blown away that school starts up for everyone in a few weeks am I? Most of our summer vacations are planned for end of August/early September thanks to the fact that my husband's birthday is August 31 and mine is September 1. Not too mention that labor day weekend is the following Monday!

But don't you hate it when you get all excited for a trip and then realize you scheduled it right when Aunt Flo is scheduled to pay a visit? I think 8 of my last 10 Disneyland trips I've had Aunt Flo visiting the whole time. Thank heavens for 2015 feminine products! U by Kotex has created some revolutionary and amazing products to help you spend more time worrying about your summer vacyaytion plans and less time worrying about Aunt Flo.

U by Kotex offers a complete line of feminine care including new 3D Capture Core & Xpress Dri Products which are incredible! And the best part is, thanks to this sponsored post, you can request a free sample just by clicking here! 

So get your U by Kotex free sample today! They will mail them off to your house immediately so you can enjoy your last few weeks of summer worry free. Become an UnderWarrior and try U by Kotex today!

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