Monday In The Word: Why is Jesus Christ Important In My Life?

Yesterday I taught the Young Women in my ward a lesson that is very close to my heart. Why is Jesus Christ important in my life? It's such a broad and important topic that I spent countless hours pondering the material and wondering how I should approach it. I wanted these Young Women to leave my classes knowing EXACTLY why Christ is important in their own life, not just in my life, but in THEIR lives.

+ Mosiah 3:17 (HERE)

I mean, there's the obvious, he did die for our sins and all. We simply cannot get back to Heavenly Father without his atonement because no unclean thing can enter the kingdom of heaven, and we all sin. I'm so grateful for this! I sure wish I didn't sin, but whoops, I do it every day. I'm learning, I'm getting better, but I'm so happy that Jesus Christ atoned for my sins.

+ The Living Christ (HERE)

I'm going to end this post right here. Why? Because The Living Christ is so perfectly written, it is truly beautiful literature and I would even consider it scripture because it is the TESTIMONY of the Apostles. One way to study this is to print it off and use this as a marking guide.

Red: Names of Christ
Yellow: Characteristics of Christ
Green: Premortal Christ
Blue: Mortal Christ
Orange: During and After the Resurrection

I loved studying The Living Christ and looking for each of these topics and was surprised how much my testimony was strengthened by doing so. Christ is truly living! Today, right this minute. He has already been resurrected. He is there for us in our bad times and good times. He knows what our weaknesses are and He can help us overcome them. Because of Him, we can be with our families forever and we can become like our Heavenly Father.

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Tayler Morrell said...

I love this! One thing that I have noticed recently is I have just felt Christ present in my life more often. He is constantly on my mind. It's not a big huge feeling like a lot of other Christians proclaim, but a quiet reminder that He is watching and He loves us.