My McDonald's Create Your Taste Experience

Back in December, Colten & I (along with my brother-in-law) attended a super fun event put on at the Granger McDonald's here in Utah. McDonald's wanted to introduce us to the latest and greatest in their restaurants: the Create Your Taste burgers!

The idea behind Create Your Taste is to have the guest create a burger that is as unique as them. You can use these awesome new screens to order the burger, along with anything else you'd like to come with your meal. You can also use these screens to order regular meals on their own.

My burger consisted of a Ciabatta Roll for the bun, lettuce, bacon (which was amazing quality!) as well as ketchup, mayo, cheese, and of course the burger patty. You guys, the burger patties are amazing. The meat is a higher quality than normal McDonald's burgers and trust me, you can tell.

When the 3 of us bit into our burgers our eyes got all wide and my brother-in-law (quite the food critic might I add) said, "I think this may be the best burger I have ever tasted." And he wasn't kidding. Our burgers were incredible!

There are so many other topping options, I'm so lame and keep mine pretty simple. But some others are: Guacamole, extra patties, different cheese types, tomato, Sriracha mayo, Mac sauce, grilled mushrooms, grilled onion, and the list goes on and on.

We were all super impressed by our burgers and the manager offered to give us bloggers a VIP tour of the kitchen. We watched the regular patties take less than 60 SECONDS to go from frozen to on a bun ready for us to eat. Whereas the Create Your Taste patties take a good 4 minutes to cook. With that being said, your McDonald's order may take longer than you're used to because HELLLLLLOOO! The best things in life often take patience.

So tell me... have you tried a Create Your Taste burger? Are you a McDonald's fan? What do you think of the new ordering system? 

(We received a free meal on McDonald's in order to try Create Your Taste. We were encouraged to share our experiences on social media as we saw fit. We've been back to try more Create Your Taste burgers multiple times since our experience in December and we still love it!)

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Tayler Morrell said...

We decided to try it after we received coupons for it. Justin and I LOVED the burgers!

Caroline Vieyra said...

That is pretty impressive I would adore trying this out for myself! said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I hadn't heard of this yet - sooo excited!!! Thanks for the heads-up - McDonald's seems to have taken quite a hit lately with their food ... sounds like they might be on to something with this. Hope it works!