Let God Love You - Book Review

Wendy Ulrich is one of my favorite authors. As a psychologist, I just feel like she GETS me. She understands the mental challenges we experience, and she understands that they affect us spiritually. 

I recently was given the opportunity to review her newest book from Deseret Book titled, "Let God Love You- Why We Don't, How We Can." The idea behind the book is coming to understand that our past and current relationships have affected the way we picture God. 

If we've had relationships that were really good, and then that person let us down, or abandoned us, or turned against us, we know the pain and trauma those experiences cause. We may start to put those ideas into Heavenly Father. Well if my husband left me, why wouldn't Heavenly Father? If my best friend gets impatient with my long stories, why would Heavenly Father want to listen? If my parent abused me when I made mistakes, how could God ever love me after this mistake?

See what I'm saying? After reading this book I realized just how many incorrect ideas I have about Heavenly Father that have come from past relationships. This book is amazing at helping you uncover what it is that is keeping you from closeness with God.

There are so many quotes in this book I want to share! But the best thing to do would really be to go buy the book from Deseret Book and read it! Here's one of my favorites I shared on Instagram. 

"Christ's disciples once asked Him to teach them to pray. He can teach us too. Sometimes we need more practice with submissive prayer, or grateful prayer, or penitent prayer. Sometimes we need to try praying longer, out loud, or with a paper and pencil in hand. And sometimes we need to simply invite God to join us at whatever empty chair we can see or can imagine, opening our heart to let Him come close, and sit with us as we wrestle with a problem, or feel sad, or just stare in wonder at the night sky."

This book has changed my perspective on how to get closer to God. I'm so grateful I took the time to read it. I have so many quotes marked in it. Most books I donate or share with a friend after reading, but this one is going to stick around so I can re-read it someday. God is truly waiting for us to let Him close! His love is unchanging, it is simply, always, there. 

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Ashley Ziegler said...

I bought this the other day. I'm so excited to read it!!