love story part seventeen: problem with the ring

On a Wednesday just 3 weeks before my wedding I attended a wonderful Disney Princess bridal shower put on by my family. EVERYONE was looking at my ring, and of course they were, it was gorgeous and I was obsessed with it. 

I drove straight from my bridal shower where everyone was admiring my ring to my fiances apartment that evening to see him. Sometime in that drive I lost a diamond out of my ring, and a pretty noticable one. I noticed it right away and told Mr. Jolley. We looked everywhere for it. 

We realized it had a 90 day from purchase warranty, so I called Zales customer service hotline that next day. Because it was an online purchase there was really nothing the customer service hotline could do besides have me mail in the ring and wait 2-4 weeks to get it returned. I started to freak out, I NEEDED a ring at my wedding. 

Zales told me because it was an online purchase they couldn't fix it in store, it would have to be shipped out and take 2-4 weeks to fix. I checked with other companies to see what it would cost to just have the diamond replaced and it would've cost half of what the ring was worth to fix it in time.

 In a final hail mary, I ended up taking it to a Zales store and explaining my situation, almost in tears and using all my self control to not be a major brideszilla. I had a WONDERFUL lady named Rebecca help me. She told me we could see if they had the same ring in store that they could trade me for, but they didn't. She told me the ring design I had was one that had had many problems and she'd seen many returned with the exact same diamond missing.

So we found a sturdier ring that looked just like my old one and she gave it to me for an incredible deal. It was SO similar to the ring Mr. Jolley proposed with, and neither of us cared, because at least there was a solution to our current problem. We both loved the ring, and it was the exact same style Mr. Jolley had surprised me with at our proposal. 
The top ring is the one I currently wear on my finger, the bottom was the one he proposed with, diamond missing on the right.

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Rachel said...

I now have a different ring than the ring my husband proposed with, too. It happens. :) But that is pretty scary when you were so close to the wedding, too!

Charlene Maugeri said...

Oh my goodness! That sounds so stressful but it sounds like you handled it beautifully. Thank goodness that lady was so nice and helpful! And P.S. are we gonna get to see a recap/pictures of your Disney Princess bridal shower???

Ashley Z. said...

You almost can't even tell, the top one just looks bigger. So pretty :)

Life with Amberly said...

How frustrating!!!!! I would have cried a million tears. I'm glad you got it worked out!

Heather said...

I lost the MAIN stone out of my ring just months after our wedding. I was in SERIOUS panic mode, even though we'd gotten the protection plan. I figured they'd ask a million questions as though I'd stolen the diamond or something. Nope, the company was great, super apologetic and traded me the same ring that was in store for my ring. WORST FEELING EVER though! I seriously was shaking and nearly crying. My hubs is the only thing that kept me from going bonkers lol.

Much love!

gayle @ grace for gayle said...

What a nightmare! I have heard of people losing diamonds, and it seems like it happens more than it should ... and to me, more than zero times is more than it should. How does this even happen?!?! So glad you were able to get it resolved!

gayle | grace for gayle
I'm a #Previvor!

Ashley Anderson said... seriously not even joking. THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME. my diamond fell out A WEEK before we were sealed!!! I was ready to lose it..

Stories of Kel said...

Did you end up having the diamond replaced? What are you going to do with them? I've always worried about that happening! So glad it all worked out though :)