dialects of the five love language, yup, it's a real thing

Hello A Little Too Jolley readers! I'm Amberly from Life with Amberly & Joe and I'm so excited that Brooklyn's letting me hang out on the blog today! She is one of my favorite bloggers, and I am always inspired to be a better wife after reading her posts. I love the fun date nights that the Jolleys plan and I was really excited when they spent one date took The Five Love Languages quiz. I love talking about love languages, it's one of my favorite books and I love the concept behind it.

Speaking Each Other's Love Language

When my husband and I took the love languages quiz before we got married, my top two love languages were Quality Time and Physical Touch, his were Physical Touch and Quality Time. They've changed a bit since then, but we both still value quality time. I was so excited because I was sure that meant we'd understand each other and our relationship would be a lot easier. Unfortunately, that hasn't always been the case. The second or third time I read the book, The Five Love Languages, I learned about different dialects in our love language of quality time and discovered why. Meaningful conversation with my husband is important to me. I love to talk about our future and and I like to ask him random questions that might help me get to know him just a little bit better. Joe loves spending time with me, no technology, no distractions, just us, cuddling on the couch or doing something we both love together. When I ask questions or get too involved in a conversation, Joe gets anxious and doesn't know what to say. Just sitting around together, especially when we're watching TV, makes me antsy and I have a hard time not pulling out my computer or my phone so that I can feel productive at the same time. We speak the same love language, just in different ways.

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Recognizing our differences and making an effort to "speak" that dialect of my husband's love language has made a huge difference and it keeps us both happy! I'm constantly learning new ways to speak his love language better and the more I learn, the easier married life is. I chose the best man to journey through life and learn with, I don't know what I'd do without him! What have you learned about your love languages since you've bee married or in a relationship?


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