my skin care routine for dry, dehydrated skin

I've struggled with acne since I was a freshman in high school. I feel like I've tried everything from ProActive to Neutrogena. One of the toughest things about my acne is that I have INCREDIBLY dry skin. And most acne preventing products contain ingredients designed to dry out your skin. On average I drink over 100 fluid ounces of water a day, and it still doesn't help much. 

In high school I saw a dermatologist. I took antibiotics to clean my skin from the inside out, and I used two topical medicines on my face day and night that both cost close to $100. It was pricey, but it worked.

Last time I went to the dermatologist she suggested a few new drugstore products, and it has seriously given me the best skin of my life!

I start with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. It is a soapless cleanser so it doesn't dry out your skin at all! I apply it directly to my skin and wipe off with a wash rag, no water required. There should be a little bit of a filmy feeling on your skin. 

Next, my dermotologist told me to apply Cetaphil Moisturizing cream to my face liberally. This stuff is SO thick. I was really worried at first to put such a thick cream on my face, but it's SO moisturizing I can't imagine myself living without it.

I finish with a generic of Duac. This is a prescription you would have to get from a dermatologist, but I pay $10 for a three month supply. So even with my yearly copay to my dermatologist it still costs me less than $100 a year on my skin. If you struggle with acne I'd definitely talk to your doctor about Duac, and then see if your pharmacy carries the generic. 

What tried and true skin care products do you love? 

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Jayson Curtis Anderson said...

Can I just say how ridiculously scary-cool it is to see that you and i are truly the exact. same. person. ??? am i right?! haha

IM GOING TO HAVE TO TRY THIS! my skin has PMS issues.. it can't decide if it's dry, or oily -_- so i CONSTANTLY have to change up my routine and i've tried every product on the shelves, every pill, cream, serum, you name it! but i haven't tried this... haha

Kathryn Michel said...

I used to SWEAR by Duac!!