3 Things I Learned From My Mom

My husband had Friday off. He texted me to tell me he had special plans for us that night and that he was excited. I don't really love surprises, so I decided to let him have his fun this time and didn't probe him for answers. I came home to this...

Maybe I should let you know I am NOT pregnant. But one day, we will have lots of cute babies. So even though it was mushy and cheesy, we decided to celebrate that! Because why not have one more thing to celebrate right? We went to Burger King (because I prefer fast food over a nice dinner out) and then to see a chick flick. It really was such a fun night. And it made me start to think about the kind of mom I want to be WHEN that time comes. And I decided to look to my best example, my mom.

1. Putting Other's First Makes Life Worthwhile
My mom is such a great example of putting others first. She's almost always feeding the missionaries, buying a gift for a new mom, doing the dishes, checking a sick child out of school, etc. She is happiest when she is taking care of others.

2. There's Nothing a Good Talk & Lunch Can't Fix
I remember in college when I got my heart broken by a boy I really really liked, she drove to my college town and took me out for lunch and shopping. Just talking it out with her helped me realize how much better I deserved. Even now it's like she knows when I'm feeling stressed and will check in with me or come see me for some Chickfila and girl talk.

3. Jesus Christ is an Amazing Best Friend
My mom taught my Young Women's class at church for a few years in high school. Her lessons were always my favorite and she is an amazing teacher. One of the things she instilled in me was that when no one else can understand, Christ can. He suffered for our sins, but he also experienced every pain we will ever feel. This includes pain that is caused by ourselves and even the pain unintentionally caused by other's actions. The best friend you could ever have is Jesus Christ. 

I absolutely feel so blessed to have such an amazing mom. I could write this list and it could have over 100 points of things I've learned from my mom, from not using liquid dish soap in the dishwasher, to understanding that sometimes quality time with family is all you really need. 

Who helped me become the woman I am today?
It was Mom.

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