scarcity: 6 ways to yes

I introduced a new series a few weeks ago, How the 6 Ways to Yes Affect Blogging. So today we are talking about how the idea of Scarcity can help you improve your blog.

Scarcity is defined as rarity, or an infrequent occurrence of something. Urban Translation: People want what they can't have or things that not many people have. Why are diamonds so expensive? Because they are rare. A few weeks ago Old Navy did a one-day only sale where all dresses were $15. You can bet I rearranged my schedule that day to make it there for the sale.

Here's 4 ideas for how this can apply to blogging:

1. When holding ad sales, only offer a limited number of sale prices. Life With Amberly did this the other day, she offered five 50% off codes and I snatched one up asap.

2. To get people coming back to your blog, you need to offer something unique, something other people  don't offer. Maybe this is personal interaction with your readers, or a look into your REAL life and not just a sugar-coated life like a lot of blogs are.

3. One of my favorite bloggers The Shine Project only posts a few times a week. I check her blog almost daily waiting for that next post because they are all such quality posts that I find very uplifting.

4. Only allow a certain number of sidebar ads. If you have 25 ads on your sidebar, it's TOO much. Make it a point to say you only offer a certain amount (i.e. 6-10).

How do you use scarcity to improve your blog? And speaking of improving your blog....

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Ashley Z. said...

I have that gold striped notebook!

Life with Amberly said...

Ah, thanks for mentioning me!! :) I've found those types of sales work better ;) haha, all of them were gone by the next day! :) Love this post!