Making the Most of a Movie Date Night

Let's play a game. What is the most common/most cliche date night you can think of? I'm guessing at least 80% of you said dinner & a movie. Movie date nights get a pretty bad reputation. They are easy to plan and seeing movies is something most people like to do, so it's an easy default when you're looking at each other saying, "What do you want to do for date night?" So today, I'm sharing with you 3 ways you can make the most of a movie date night and use the date to cultivate the kind of relationship you deserve!

1. Cuddle
Physical contact is a HUGE factor in any romantic relationship. And although there is definitely a PDA borderline in public, it's okay to hold hands and lean your head on his shoulder. Does the arm rest go up between you two? Lift it up! Pretend you are dating again and cuddle up!

2. Dress Up
Most women LOVE to dress up for their honey, and I know at least for me, I know going into a dark movie theater it doesn't really matter much what I look like. Decide with your significant other that you will BOTH dress up. It brings a new feel to the date and will help shake things up a bit.

3. Talk About it After & Bring it Up Later That Week to Reminisce 

On the way home, talk about what you liked and disliked about the movie. Did you learn anything? Did it remind you of any experiences you had growing up? What was your favorite part? Maybe the drive home isn't long, but it is still an opportunity to get to know each other better. And bonus points if you bring up the movie a few days later, talking about a movie a few days after you've seen it brings back the same date night emotions you experienced the first time you watched it.

And speaking of movie theater date nights...

A few of my favorite bloggers and I have all teamed up to give one of YOU the perfect summer movie date night, on us! There's a $25 Cinemark or AMC Theatres Gift Card (winner's choice!) as well as a $10 Cold Stone Creamery Gift Card (because what good is a hot summer date night without ice cream!?) up for grabs and they could be YOURS!

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Mrs. Harr - Ready or Not - A Little Too Jolley
The giveaway will run from 12:00 am MST on May 13 until 11:59 pm MST on May 19. All entries will be verified so please be honest! Gift cards will be delivered electronically.
Best of luck!

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Brittney, Breaking Free said...

We went and saw Brick Mansions last weekend, it was awesome!

Life with Amberly said...

Awesome ideas!!! And the perfect way to introduce that giveaway :)

Laura, The Start of a Good Life said...

I was just telling my honey tonight that I need a reason to dress up, that I miss it. Sadly, I've been in yoga pants and t shirts much too much lately due to poor health but this girl wants a chance to put a dress and some heels on! =)