love story part twenty one: coming out of the temple

Exits out of the temple are a pretty big deal, so I remember the temple workers showing us where to stand so they could notify everyone that we were coming out. And when he gave us the OK, we walked up the stairs, and hand in hand made our double door exit.

We hugged our family and friends who had been waiting for us and took lots and lots of pictures. It was scorching hot. 

After all the pictures were done, we realized it was late and hurried over to our reception center for our wedding dinner. It was time to let the celebrating begin!

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Hanna Lei said...

This series is so cute. You're adorable! -Hanna Lei

Sharlee said...

Temple exits are a big deal. That was honestly the picture I had been most exited to get. As we were walking v out my mom terms, "Wait! Your dad's not here yet!" I don't let her forget that even today.