April Goals

The sky is staying light until 7 pm or later and I am one happy gal! Spring isn't always my favorite but I love that it's a little taste of summer. So today I wanted to share my April goals with you...

1. I really want to dive into the scriptures again. I'm starting The Book of Mormon over to complete my Personal Progress Virtue Value Project. I've been slacking too much and I'm trying to saturate my life with God's word. 

2. Take our puppies to Petsmart puppy training. This starts on Tuesday and I'm so excited to take our 7 month old puppy and 3 year old rescue to training. Heaven knows they need it.

3. Focus on keeping our home more clean. Clean homes make my husband happy. And even though I'm content to live in piles of clutter, he's kinda not. Plus, cleanliness is next to Godliness right? 

Happy April! 

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