What We're Up To

It's been awhile since I've done one of those "here's what we're up to" posts, so I decided to give you all a little peek into our crazy lives!


I graduated cosmetology school from Paul Mitchell SLC in September. (yay!) I'm now about half way through ENGLISH 2010 via Utah State Online and I'm beyond excited to officially getting my associates degree. Then I'll be a licensed cosmetologist with a college degree, bow chicka wow wow. 

In November we bought a house! It has been amazing. We had a rough first couple weeks there (hashtag all the plumbing was ruined), but since then our house has shown to be the biggest blessing ever. We have no doubt we are where we are supposed to be. 

Because we bought a house we decided to wait until the new year to have me start working, which meant not going right into a salon job out of cosmetology school. When December rolled around I got hired at 2 different salons, one was booth rent and one was hourly. I loved them both. But it didn't feel right. Our house has the PERFECT room that we are now transforming into my home salon. It is so cute! Hopefully my wash sink will be getting put in this weekend. I'll make a huge announcement when my salon is up and running because as much as kitchen cuts are great, I'm excited to have my salon. Plus, I love giving deals to family and friends ;)

Obviously living in SLC I don't know that many people still. So I knew I wouldn't have enough hair appointments to make a lot of money, instead I applied for a job at the same place my husband works, Independence University. I was hired beginning of January as a junior financial planner and truly enjoy my job. The days go by fast, it's great pay, and I get to carpool with my honey!

Two weeks ago I was called at a Primary teacher for Valiant 8 and 9 and have spent just about every free moment since planning and preparing lessons. My first one last Sunday wasn't anything amazing, and I remembered just how much patience you have to have with naughty little boys, but the spirit is strong, and I love teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. I also get to help the Valiant 10 and 11 teacher run Achievement Days every other week, which will be a blast. I'm so excited to be serving and am growing and learning every day from it. 


I'll give you a quick update on him since this post is already a million years long. He was recently promoted from an Admissions Consultant to Assistant Director of Admissions, meaning he now has his own team of 10 admissions consultants to watch over. He's loving his new job even though it is keeping him plenty busy.

He's still working on his Bachelors in Business & Accounting through Independence University. (cheers to free tuition!) And he's also very happy because we recently adopted another little puppy from a shelter. He is the cutest little one-eyed thing you ever did see! Jack our new puppy and Benson our old puppy are getting along wonderfully. We love them so much. And who would have ever thought I'd be a crazy dog mom?!? 

Colten also got a calling at church but it won't be announced until this coming Sunday, so for now, I guess it's a secret. 

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