Balayage is the New Black

Busy moms don't always have time to make it to the salon every 4-6 weeks. That's why I'm sooooo happy that balayage is still a thing. In fact, I think it's just going to keep getting bigger and bigger. 

What is balayage? It's a type of hair highlighting that looks more natural. More of the color/lightener is applied to the ends of the hair making it look more sun-kissed. It also means no line of demarcation, which means no horrendous regrowth. 

For Brielle's hair I used Paul Mitchell Synchrolift as the lightener with 40 volume developer. 40 volume?? Yes that's right, 40 volume. Because we also added Olaplex into her formula, which dilutes the developer down to a 30 volume. Her hair felt AMAZING after. This was my first time using Olaplex and I was super impressed by it, there was no breakage at all.

Take Home: Brielle took some Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Shampoo home to maintain her toned blonde pieces. She also took home some Olaplex No. 3. Olaplex rebuilds the bonds in your hair that are broken by lightening, coloring, and even heat styling your hair. The Olaplex No. 3 has the same ingredients as Step 1 & 2 which are done in the salon, just at a lower % of active ingredients. That way you can maintain your silky soft, healthy hair until the next time you're in the salon.

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