One of the Last Three Women //

I read a lot. It's one of those things that I've loved for so long that I can't really remember where the love for it started. Though I suspect it came from my patient young father who let each of his 3 girls pick one book for him to read to us each night before going to bed.

I love self-help books. I love pondering personal change, and how I can improve. So I read a lot of self-help type books. They always uplift me and inspire me, and occasionally I will read something that will keep me pondering long after I finish the book. 

As I was reading a book written by Sheri Dew the other day I came across a thought. If there were only 3 women left in this world with a firm testimony of Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father, would you be one of them?

Would I? This question has made me sit back and wonder, would I truly stand by my testimony if everyone in the world reviled me for my beliefs? If I was persecuted physically or emotionally for what I believed and how I lived my life. Would I have the courage of Esther? The missionary power of Ammon? The trust of Moses? Or would I let what the world believed make me stray from what I knew to be true.

This question has set in motion many goals and many ideas on how to doubt-proof my testimony. What can I be doing each and every day to ensure that I would be one of them if there really were only a few people on earth who had a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ? I've found my own answers & I encourage you to find yours!

This question makes me uncomfortable because I know that I'm still tossed about occasionally by what others think about me. I sometimes choose to stay quiet instead of voice my opinion. But I'm working on it. The gospel isn't about comfort. Being a disciple of Christ isn't and wasn't meant to be comfortable. I know that as life goes on, I will be faced with uncomfortable situations where I have to choose if I will be the one to stand alone.

I pray every day that my testimony will continue to grow until I can say that yes, as a matter-of-fact, I would be one of those last three women to stand up for Christ. Because ultimately being Christ's disciple is my main desire, even if it isn't always... comfortable.

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