Anniversary Inn // A Night Away

For our first anniversary we stayed in an Egyptian themed room at The Anniversary Inn. We had a blast. Each of the rooms at the hotel are themed different and we had a lot of fun peeking into each of them while they were being cleaned the next day.

Once you've stayed, you can buy a "Bounce Back" pass to stay at a super discounted rate. We bought one after our anniversary and were planning on using it in August for our 2nd anniversary!

We've been really busy and really stressed lately and haven't had as much time for each other. I told Colten I wanted a night away and so we booked a room at Anniversary Inn- Logan on Monday and stayed that Friday night. Because it was already paid for we were able to just enjoy it without worrying how we'd pay for it.

I love how it comes with Martinelli's and Cheesecake, and the bathtubs/showers are always the best part of the hotel! They have free movie rentals so we usually rent a chick flick of some sort. Last time we ordered a movie deal so they brought popcorn, candy and drinks. This time we ordered some Chicken which actually came in the form of chicken nuggets (LOL) and some Spinach Artichoke dip which was heavenly! We loved our stay.

We didn't buy a Bounce Back again because we want to try some other hotels, but for sure if you're looking for a nice night away, Anniversary Inn is a great option.

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Samantha Gregson said...

I had no idea they did this! Do you get the bounce back when you check out? We are staying here in a few months and might want to take advantage of this. Thanks for sharing! :)