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When I talk to Colten my husband at the end of the day, I often say, "I was reading this article..." We laugh because most of what comes out of my mouth starts with that phrase. So I decided to share with you some of the links I've been loving lately! 


This post about the blessing of being raised by a low maintenance mother made me really evaluate what is most important to me. One day when I have babies, I hope they would say things like this about me.

This giveaway for Datelivery. I love the idea of Datelivery and once I get paid this week you can bet I'm gonna order one for us to try. 

What do registered dietitians eat on a daily basis? I found this article interesting!

This link for free feminine products. Because we hate buying them, so why not stock up on some for free right?

I'm trying to get my booty back in gear on taking care of my body. I've been stressed to the max and I'm willing to bet some of it is because I'm not getting any exercise. This list of 19 Fitness Tips for Lazy Girls is perfect!

We always joke in my family how I'm super high maintenance, so when I saw this blog post on How to Be a Low Maintenance Wife I was intrigued. It was a good read.

I've started Meditating. I always thought it was for weirdos, but really, it's relaxing. I love it. This app is perfect for getting into it.


What links have you been loving? Any great articles I should read?

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