Speaking Up This Father's Day

When CARE approached me about sharing this story about Nepal's Child Grooms I couldn't say no. I've been wanting to use my blog as an opportunity to speak up more about causes that are close to my heart, and truthfully, this is a cause I knew nothing about.

It's almost Father's Day. Now take a minute to think about the Father's you know in your life. How old were they when they married? How old were they when they became Fathers? Probably not 9 or younger. 

(Picture c/o CARE.org)

Boys in Nepal are being forced to marry as young as 7. 7! I have an 11 year old brother and it makes me ill to think about him being forced to marry. Do you know a 7 year old? Isn't it horrible to imagine them being forced into a grown up world so young?

These boys endure all kind of psychological trauma, have to drop out of school to provide for their family, and have children way too young. The recent earthquake in Nepal is further isolating the communities forcing marriage on boys and girls that are way too young. But there is hope!
Through CARE's Tipping Point Program, former child grooms are coming out and telling their stories to strike at the roots of this problem. And YOU can do something too.

Mathura was a child groom
(Picture c/o CARE.org)

Forcing children to marriage young is a human rights violation. Congress agrees, but we need your help to make sure they are doing their part to fight. Click on THIS LINK to quickly and easily send a letter to Congress letting them know how you feel and what you want them to do. 

Doing something this small might not seem like much, but we all know that ripple effects do just that... they ripple. 

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