My Biggest Takeaway from #LDSConf #WomensMeeting //

General Conference is my favorite time of the year. Tonight I watched the Women's Meeting from my bed at home. I have had awful, horrible PMS cramping all day, and really just couldn't fathom going to the church to sit in the pews. I got out a cute notebook, a pen, and prayed that Heavenly Father would answer my questions and fill me with the spirit. 

I was filled. I was so filled with hope from this meeting. There are so many things I learned, so many things I want to implement in my life to better myself, and I was reminded that I am a daughter of God. And now that I know that I am a daughter, of God... What am I going to do about it? 

My Biggest Takeaway // 

My biggest takeaway from the meeting did not come from a speaker. It came from an inspired video, that opened my heart to revelation.

The second video that was shown during the meeting was this one

At one point, the speaker in the video describes a woman by saying, "She never treated me like she had to get to know me before she loved me. She just loved me."

I have found myself in so many situations lately where I simply don't know the people I am serving, serving with, working with, hanging out with, etc. This message touched my heart, that I DO NOT need to get to know them, before I can love them. I can serve as Christ would, even if I do not know everything about them. I can simply... love. 

What was YOUR biggest takeaway from the LDS General Conference Women's Meeting?

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Tayler Morrell said...

I loved women's conference! I loved the feeling of it! The empowerment of being a virtuous, humble, faithful, charitable woman!

Ashley Ziegler said...

I loved that part from the second video as well. I'm watching it a second time this morning because I just loved all of the talks during last night's session! I did kind of fall asleep through Uchtdorf's.... oops!! I was tired from Comic Con all day... lol! Anyway, I totally felt so inspired and last night's session definitely answered questions, and just desires of my heart. It was wonderful!!

Jenny said...

I haven't been able to watch it yet because we have been out of town. I'm excited to get home and watch the rebroadcast!