When Beauty is a Beast // Review

I was sent a copy of When Beauty is a Beast: Avoiding 10 Things Women Do That Harm Their Relationships to review. I knew it was a topic I was interested in (marriage) and I knew that it was something that could most likely improve my marriage. Anything that could improve my marriage is worth my time.

We all know that men can be abusive to women. Physically, emotionally, verbally, etc. We hear it all the time and we warn young women to avoid abusive relationships and to GET OUT as soon as there are signs. We often avoid talking about the other sides of things, that women can abuse men too! Physically, emotionally, verbally, etc.

I'm definitely a sensitive person, and I do not like my dirty laundry aired. I remember specifically a fight I had with my sister who told me that I never listen to anyone, and that I'm always interrupting. It hurt so bad, because I knew she was right. It was a weakness I had/have and have been constantly working at. Having someone point out your weaknesses and say "Shape up!" can be hard to hear, but I think sometimes we need a good kick in the pants. This book is it!

Rather than waiting for your spouse, mother, best friend, sister, or random stranger tell you all your flaws, read this book! Author C.C. Sorenson goes over 10 different ways that women often harm their relationships. I didn't find myself in every chapter, but in some I did. And it was eye-opening.

I would definitely suggest this to any woman, single, dating, engaged or married to wants to take a good hard look at improving their relationships. I truly believe this is something we need to talk about more. I don't think most women realize how destructive some of our behaviors can be towards our relationships. I know I sure have a lot to work on! But this book is a great read with lots of insight and quotes from general authorities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Even if you are not a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, if you are a Christian, your marriage will benefit from this book!

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Tayler Morrell said...

I loved this book! I also did a post on it!