Personal Training Update: 

I'm officially down 2.8 lbs since last Wednesday. WHOA! My trainer suspected I had a weight fluctuation last Wednesday so she had me weigh again on Friday and it was a pretty big difference. I'm still down 1.2 lbs since Friday which is great. If I could continue to lose even 1 lb a week I will be happy with the progress.

This week I did all 5 of my workouts again. They are usually a mix between treadmill workouts, HIIT, workout DVDs I own and various other series type workouts. I don't feel like it's appropriate to share my workouts since I'm PAYING my trainer for them, but if you're looking for at trainer I'd absolutely recommend her and she's really affordable too.

I was looking up Walt Disney quotes the other day and found this one, it is AMAZING! It is exactly my mindset. I don't have to be perfect, or flawless or the best, I just have to NOT QUIT! 

Also, lots of healthy foods are super low calorie which is making it hard to hit my calorie goal. I'll look at MyFitnessPal and think okay I need to eat at least another 100 calories. So I'll eat a half a cup of peas like, "Yay! 40 more calories!" lol. The struggle has been real. I think my body is so adjusted to crappy, processed food that it's not used to having more nutrient dense foods. I'm NEVER hungry. I only had one time this week where I felt hungry and had to take a work break to go eat an apple. The foods I'm eating are just keeping me super full.

Non Scale Victories: 

Completing all my workouts. It's super weird on date night to be like, "Honey, I need 30 minutes to do my workout before we can go." But it's also super rewarding! I love checking it off my to do list each day. Right now I'm doing approximately 30 minutes/day Mon-Fri with Saturday and Sunday off. I try to get in a walk or something on my rest days though.

We went to Chickfila last night and instead of an adult meal I got a kids meal which are way better portioned! I had a diet lemonade, 6 regular nuggets w/ BBQ sauce, a small fruit cup and a small ice cream for 500 calories. I really wanted the fries but was so glad that the fruit didn't upset my stomach like the fries would have. Even though it was a little healthier of a dinner, as soon as I finished eating I could feel that my stomach wasn't that happy. It was so weird, and sad and happy at the same time because I know my body is changing!

This Week's Goals: 

I would love to see another pound come off this week for sure!

Stay super consistent and complete all my workouts from my trainer.

Eat more fruits and veggies each day. For me this means veggies at least 1X a day and fruits 2X a day. I'm just so not used to eating like this.

& Remember, you can follow my daily journey at @fitandjolley on Instagram

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