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Disney's Grand Californian Hotel. Pure luxury. My Mom and I dreamed for years about staying at this hotel. I will say, that although it did live up to being an amazing Disney hotel, we did not spend enough time there to truly appreciate it. We spend most of our time in the parks! The 6 story lobby is GORGEOUS, the service impeccable, and you will truly feel pampered and luxurious all while celebrating the beauty and wonder of the great outdoors. 


Of the 3 Disneyland Resort hotels, the Grand Californian is by far the most expensive. The site says $379+ per night but most times it is much higher than that. It will depend on the season, and if you want a room with a view or not. It's hard for me to spend that much on a hotel when that's a 5 day  or more pass to Disneyland, but it definitely worth trying at least once. 


The rooms are well kept, and make you feel like you are staying in a really fancy cabin! They are clean and gorgeous. Most of the rooms have either a view of Disneyland Drive, or the parks, which is super fun. I love being able to see the parks first thing in the morning and see them all lit up at night, it's just so magical. 


Napa Rose is an upscale restaurant that serves California fare and has a very extensive wine list if you are into that kinda thing! The cost is $30-$60 a person depending on the time of day and what you order. This is a great place for adults to relax and unwind from a crazy day at the parks.

Storytellers Cafe is a family table service restaurant inside the hotel. Breakfast is "Chip & Dale Character Breakfast" which is a total blast and is a buffet that costs $15/child and $30/adult.

White Water Snacks is one of my family favorite hidden secrets. Located just inside the special hotel entrance to California Adventure, it is pretty much NEVER busy. The restaurant is quick service food, but has quite the variety. From Mickey Nuggets to Ceasar Salads, there's most likely something for everyone if you are in a hurry or want a quieter lunch than you'll find inside the park.


On select nights, Parkview Terrace (5th floor patio) plays some of your favorite Disney films.

Check the Guest Services desk for dates and times of "The Art of Craft" tour. It explores the Arts & Crafts movement and how it influenced the design and architecture of the hotel.

There is a children's activity center in the front lobby available for children 5-12. There is an extra fee for this.

I dream of having a spa day at Disney's Grant Californian Hotel. The prices are steep, but surprisingly not too much more than any high class spa would be. Definitely on my bucket list.

And last but not least the pools! The Fountain Pool, the Redwood Pool and the Mariposa Pool. All three are gorgeous and relaxing. The Redwood Pool includes a 90-foot-long waterslide that cruves around the stump of a Redwood tree. I haven't actually used the pools (You're more likely to find me napping than swimming in the middle of my Disney vacation!) but they always looked so nice. 


Disney's Grand Californian is the fanciest of the 3 Disneyland Resort hotels. I wish I could go spend a day there without having park passes so that way I could more fully enjoy all the amenities of the hotel. The staff gives it the Disney touch that you would expect from the company, and the style and architecture of the hotel give it the perfect relaxing feel. My husband and I went into the lobby and took a nap there on our honeymoon even though we weren't staying there! The restaurants are great and overall, this is a pricey but wonderful once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Do you have a favorite hotel to stay at in Disneyland? 

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Miranda said...

I had the pleasure of staying at the Grand in May! I absolutely loved it. I agree with your comment about not being able to fully enjoy it though. I'm going to stay at the Paradise Pier this weekend and I'm excited! Next up is the Disneyland Hotel hopefully, haha!