Fall Capsule Wardrobe

I've been on and off capsule wardrobing for awhile now. I really do love when I do it, and then I get distracted by a shiny boutique and the cute clothes and fall off the wagon. Then my closet gets super full, I become overwhelmed and I got on a crazy cleaning rampage. Today I did that. 

I pared my closet down to 33 clothing items (tops, bottoms, skirts, dresses) and 6 pairs of shoes. Which is still a TON. And especially in the fall here in Utah that gives me SO MANY COMBINATIONS. I also pretty much wear the exact same stuff everyday anyway, so the idea was to get the stuff I didn't wear out of my closet so I could focus on the pieces I love. 

Here's what the count came to....

+ 2 pairs of black leggings 

+ 1 casual chambray skirt

+ 1 pair black work pants

+ 1 black pencil skirt

+ 2 plaid shirts (one blue & white, one black & red)

+ 1 pink casual dress

+ 1 burnt orange fancy dress

+ 4 cardigans (1 b&w striped, 1 navy & cream striped, 1 plain burnt orange, 1 plain mustard yellow)

+ 4 striped tees (1 mauve with simple black stripes, 1 mostly white with black stripes, 1 b&w even skinny stripes, 1 mostly red w/ black stripes)

+ 3 plain white tees (1 v neck, 1 crew neck w/ pocket, 1 basic layering top) 

+ 1 casual star wars hoodie

+ 1 white and floral tunic

+ 1 casual tee from the Elementary School I work for

+ 1 casual "Fur Mom" tee

+ 1 chambray dress

+ 4 peplum tops (1 greyish blue, 1 oatmeal, 1 black & grey stripe, 1 gray with floral peplum)

+ 4 various chambray tops (1 blue & teal striped, 1 plain dark wash chambray, 1 plain white wash chambray, 1 polka dot blue chambray)

+ 1 pair knee high brown boots

+ 3 pairs of flats (black ballet flats, b&w striped flats, leopard print flats)

+ 1 pair of Nike tennis shoes

+ 1 pair brown ankle boots

So that's my capsule! I'll do some instagram updates at @brooklynjolley using hashtag #brooklyncapsules 

I love using a capsule wardrobe and it really helps me have a lesser desire to spend money. I love my capsule because it helps me wear what I love and not feel guilty about it. 

Also one time I read that men wear basically the same thing to work over and over. Black pants, white button down top, and a tie. Why can't women adopt that pattern and just wear a uniform? What if we did?? I do believe that fashion should be fun and can be really exciting and a great way to express yourself! However, I do think the idea of a "uniform" could be fun and liberating. Any thoughts? 

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