The Sacrament Is For Me - Book Review

I've been so blessed to be offered so many amazing book reviews lately. I hope you are loving them, I sure am! The most recent book I've received to review is The Sacrament is For Me by Jessica B. Ellingson. 

It is a really cute rhyming children's book that explains how we should act during the sacrament. It explains why we take it and how to make it a special time. I absolutely love the focus of Jesus Christ in this book, I feel like one issue I find in church is I don't hear enough about Jesus! But maybe that's because you can never hear enough about Jesus ;) Either way, I love the reminder this book is for children and adults on why the sacrament is for each of us. 

Any book that rhymes is automatically a winner to me. I love the way the words flowed in this book. I've wondered how we will be able to teach our future children (and foster children!) the way we feel about sacred ordinances like the sacrament, and books like this are the perfect way. How blessed we are to live in a dispensation with so many resources at our beck and call!

If you'd like to read more reviews and/or purchase the book you can pop right over to Amazon and check it out!

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Tayler Morrell said...

I'd love to get this book for Rhys....we have one called "When a Dinosaur Goes to Church" and it is an LDS talks about how wild dinosaurs need to be calm during the sacrament meeting, but afterwards can be dinosaurs again.

Ashley Ziegler said...

What a cute book! Where could I get a copy, do you know?

Ashley Ziegler said...

HAHAHA just kidding. I just saw the link to Amazon as I hit publish comment.