Where to Buy Halloween Leggings

A bunch of my friends who sell Lularoe were able to snag a few pairs of the Halloween leggings capsule! I was so excited for them. I am totally into cheesy holiday outfits, so once they were posting the leggings I popped over to their Facebook pages to see what they had.


In seconds! You guys! It is insanity. Now I'm seeing them being resold for $50, $60, $70+ dollars! It is insane!!

Of course it made me want some cute Halloween leggings, but not for that price! I decided to do a little internet research and thought it might be helpful to share what I found. So here are some places I found to buy Halloween leggings that aren't Lularoe!

+ Skeleton Leggings from Amazon

Spider Web Leggings from Amazon

+ Nightmare Before Christmas Leggings from Kohl's

+ "Creepy" Halloween Leggings from K-Mart 

+ Jack O Lantern Leggings from K-Mart

+ Spider Web Leggings from Tipsy Elves

+ Candy Corn Leggings from Tipsy Elves

I hope this post is helpful! Let me know if you find some cute leggings for yourself, I'd love to see. And be sure to share with your other leggings loving friends so they can get in on the fun!

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Ashley Ziegler said...

That is literally insane. I would never buy leggings for that much money!! I could get like 2 or 3 pairs somewhere else for that much!