date night: take the 5 love languages quiz

Last week for date night, we had planned on going out to dinner and then coming home and taking the 5 Love Languages quiz. Unfortunately, a huge snowstorm hit that made our 15 minute minute drive take a little over an hour. So instead, we cuddled up with Elf and took the 5 Love Languages quiz on our seperate laptops. What IS the 5 Love Languages Quiz? Well I'm so glad you asked!

The wise relationship expert Gary Chapman has written about the 5 different ways that people give and receive love. The categories are... 
1. Words of Affirmation
2. Acts of Service
3. Receiving Gifts
4. Quality Time
5. Physical Touch

Now before I get the naysayers that I always do when I talk about this, I am fully aware that everyone gives and receives love in ALL the ways. There are just certain ways we prefer to be loved, and the 5 Love Languages Quiz can help you and your spouse see how you can better express love.

Mr. Jolley's scores were WAY different than I expected. I've always thought he was a Words of Affirmation kinda guy, which is why in my marriage I've made such an effort to write love notes. But after taking the test, Words of Affirmation was one of his lowest scores! His highest was Acts of Service. So now I know that when I do the dishes, or make the bed, it means more to him than leaving him an "I love you" note, although, he still appreciates those!

My highest score was Physical Touch. Holding his hand and having his arm around me means more to me than any gift he could give me. I need that physical connection to be happy in my relationship. My second highest was Words of Affirmation, which is not surprising, because often times, the language your score highest in is the way you show love to others. For example, because I assume since I LOVE getting love notes, Mr. Jolley will feel the same way. 

Although Mr. Jolley seemed a little weirded it was funny to see that when I had finished the short 30 something question quiz, he was only on number 4. ;)

Have you ever taken the 5 Love Languages Quiz? Or read the book? 

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Ashley Ziegler said...

this is so awesome! i'm gonna make brady do this with me!:) i'm curious!

Elizabeth Lynn said...

Oh I love the 5 Languages--my hubs and I took this quiz at a marriage retreat last year and it really helped us a lot. Mine is a tie between Physical Touch and Words of Affirmation too. :)

Susannah said...

What a fun idea for a date night! Nate and I really love the 5 Love Languages because they really taught us a lot about one another.

Amberly said...

It's fun to see what your scores are! It sounds like you guys are pretty well rounded in your marriage, so you can show love with all of the languages and it will be making someone happy!

Raewyn @ Be A Warrior Queen said...

This is fantastic!! I'm going to have my fiance do this with me!