Leave A Love Note Every Day For a Week

I've been focusing a lot on living a healthier lifestyle these past 2 months, just ask anyone who follows my Instagram! The truth is, I've wanted to change for a long time, and I'm just FINALLY getting around to making simple sustainable lifestyle changes. In fact, I have another blog post coming this week about it!

But, I also realized that with all the exciting changes that are happening with my health, I need balance. So I decided to spend a week of my July Happiness Project devoted to rekindling the flame of my marriage. So I decided to leave my husband a love note every day for a whole week!

I started today with a note saying how much I love his kisses, and planting a lipstick print next to my name and taping the note to the mirror. I'm turning to my post of 30 Quick Love Note Ideas to help me out this week. 

Do you leave love notes for your honey? 

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