love story part twenty three: the reception

Our reception was perfect. We had it at The Lion House in Salt Lake City, which was walking distance from the temple. After the dinner, we went outside to take a few more family pictures and then we realized, we were late! So we hustled in to our reception just a few minutes late.

My friend had made the sunset painting based off one of our engagements and it was stunning!

Feeding each other the wedding cake was hilarious. I did NOT want that cake in my face, so it took a couple tries before I was brave enough to feed it to him, and I definitely lost!

After having a formal line for about an hour and a half and then doing the cake, I danced with my dad. I picked "My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw. If anyone wonders where I got my weak tear ducts from it was him, because we both cried for the whole few minutes.

Then he handed me off to my new husband, and more tears ensued. The happy kind, but the reminiscent kind. Colten and I danced to "Then" by Brad Paisley, which I've always dreamed about dancing to at my wedding. It was the perfect wedding song. 

Then I tossed the bouquet and my friend Danielle caught it. She was pretty excited about it.

Then we made our way down to our getaway car which had been decorated by my sister. We hugged our family and friends, got in our specified "Bride" and "Groom" seats, and drove off to begin our eternal honeymoon.

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