The Beauty Grew All Around

Do you have a hairstylist you absolutely love? Or maybe a friend who taught you how to do the PERFECT cat eye? Or maybe your mother taught you the importance of spreading your beauty all around. However you've seen beauty shared, I'm sure it's inspired you.

If you haven't seen this video, don't go any further before you push play or CLICK THIS LINK. 

I dropped out of college last September, and am almost done with the 1600 hour Cosmetology program. I didn't do it right out of high school because I felt like it wasn't as "good" as college. Little did I know I'd find my place as hairstylist and learn SO much by going to beauty school. I love the video "Beauty Grew All Around" because it reminds me of the power that people truly have to make others feel beautiful. I've had the chance to do a few bride's hair as well as some teenagers before their Senior Photos, and nothing is better than seeing them light up and see how truly beautiful they are. 

Please share THIS VIDEO with someone you know who makes the world a more beautiful place! Post it to their facebook or tag them on Twitter, whatever you do, let them know they make a difference. 

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Keep the beauty alive my lovelies! How you ask? By using the #ShareBeauty any time you post about beauty on social media. Let's help the Beauty Grow All Around!

(This article is sponsored by Regency Beauty Institute)

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Emily said...

Hi Brooklyn! I need some help. I too recently decided to choose cosmetology school instead of wasting anymore time in college, and found i fell in love with Regency. My mother is vehemently against this because she wants me to be an accountant like her. She thinks that I will be broke, have no job security and because my dad found this article about some woman who went to some BS esthetician school (she was not taught what a full esthetician needs to be qualified) in Denver, CO and got conned so now my mother is also convinced that my school will scam me. She won't listen to me when I try to get her to understand where she is mistaken, and it is hurting me to have zero support from the people who should support me the most. Luckily, I live on my own and do not depend on them whatsoever. How do I get them to start acting with the love and support I deserve?

Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

Great video! Just to let you know your "click this link" link isn't working.