love story part nineteen: the wedding morning

I hardly slept the night before my wedding, I mean, does anyone? I tried EVERYTHING. And I think eventually my body got exhausted enough that I slept. Luckily I knew I didn't have to be up by a certain time, so I planned on sleeping in. 

When I woke up around 9 AM, I went with my siblings to Village Inn for breakfast. My little sister paid for me to have the Blackberry Lemonade I was wanting so bad. Talk about treating the bride!

I still had about two hours before we had to leave, and since I was doing my own hair and makeup, I figured I could take my time. I instagrammed that it was time to get ready with the picture below. 

I was almost ready when my mom texted me and said to come upstairs. I came upstairs and was surprised by three gorgeous roses from my groom. That boy thinks of everything! The note said,

"Here's to forever with the most special girl."

I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

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Laney NightOwl said...

What a special way to celebrate and i bet that lemonade was good. The flowers are beautiful. What a special guy you have. So when is the big day or did I miss a post?

Stories of Kel said...

you are so lucky that you got to sleep in. i had to get up at like 6am and everything was chaos and I was grouchy from not eating breakfast and ended up forgetting all sorts of important things haha

After Eleven Blog said...

I LOVE hearing love stories like this! So glad I came across your blog today :) It's so cute and so "welcoming" :) haha.
By the way that's cool you did your own make up and hair, saved some money! ha

Karen Emily said...

Ok, I'm getting married in 3 weeks, and this just helps get me so excited!!!! Hooray!