why putting your self-esteem in the hands of a boy is a bad idea

"Did you know only 30% of girls in high school report that they like themselves? Thirty percent! That is not a good statistic people. And for at least half my high school years, I'd probably put myself in that 70% that didn't like themselves..."

Come read the rest of the story on Rachael's Blog Today!

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Ashley Frederickson said...

Great statistic!! We definitely need to do something about this, huh? Love you Brooklyn!

BoardingTogether said...

HI girl! I just found your blog through one of my favorite bloggers, Rachael. And I'm so glad I did! Your post on her blog is great and it really made me think of who I let get me down. Consider me your newest follower, also would you like to do a button swap?

2justByou said...

I read this post on Rachael's blog and loved it. Loved it. I pinned it. And then I thought, why not visit Brooklyn and follow along via bloglovin too? =0)