love story part twenty: getting to the temple

The drive to the temple seemed never-ending. I remember looking out the window and thinking, "This is it. THIS is my wedding day. I'm the bride, and I finally get to marry my prince charming." It was all so surreal.

When I got to the temple they had a spot for bride's to drop off their dresses and bouquets. (I didn't wear mine until after the ceremony. Read my post here to find out why!) They checked me off and sent me to get dressed in my white clothes for the temple wedding ceremony.

I was then led to a room in the temple that they call the Celestial Room where Mr. Jolley was waiting for me. They told us that the temple was a little behind schedule for weddings so we could wait in there and they would come get us when they were ready for us.

Mr. Jolley and I sat on a couch cuddling. There wasn't too much talking besides a few sentences back and forth, we were both just taking in the moment and enjoying these last few minutes before we were officially married. I remember it feeling like they left us in there for hours, when really it was just around a half hour before they came and told us our family was all waiting in the sealing room, and they were ready for us. 

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Ashley Z. said...

Isn't the celestial room just absolutely amazingly beautiful? I remember sitting in there and just thinking... "Wow, I've been waiting for this my whole life and it has been worth every sacrifice."

McKenzie said...

Aww! I can only imagine what feelings and thoughts you must have been having! And how sweet it must have been to sit together in the Celestial room waiting to get married. A little piece of heaven!

Life with Amberly said...

Talking in the celestial room was great! I remember being so anxious to be married though that it felt like forever and I didn't know why they had left us in there for so long ;)