update on us

Graduates cosmetology in September
Got a new blog design by the amazing Brielle
Is creating a long list of Netflix shows to watch
Steals the blankets at night
Is dreaming of a trip to Disneyland

Is still working as an admissions consultant for an online university
Started his Bachelors for accounting at the beginning of April
Missing projects where he gets to build and is excited to get started on a Mother's Day project
Coerces Brooklyn onto the motorcycle every one in awhile
Makes the most delicious sconeburgers

Are still reading our scriptures together and praying every night.
Watch Disney movies on Sunday's
Have been married 8.5 months
Love going to the gym with our friends
Are still living our happily ever after

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Lauren Skousen said...

LOVE the new design! You two are so cute! Chris' brother just got a motorcycle and I have yet to jump on it despite Chris' efforts lol so you go girl!

Michelle said...

I couldn't be a happier momsie
after reading this blog. A momsie dreams of her princess living this exact kind of Happily Ever After!

Stories of Kel said...

love little updates like this. I cant believe you only have a few months left. It flew by!

Kelly said...

Aww, what a cute introduction!

xx Kelly
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