30X30 Fashion Challenge

I think the idea originated with Kendi Everyday, but you've probably heard of the 30x30 challenge. Well I decided to take it on for the next 30 days. Or technically 29 since I'm actually on Day 2! 

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What is the challenge?

You pick 30 items from your closet and then only wear those 30 items for 30 days by mixing and matching and coming up with new outfits.

You can kinda make it your own. I decided to not include accessories or shoes so that way I don't have to stress about not having matching shoes for each outfit. This challenge isn't about being stressed, just about having fun and learning to love your closet!

I'm also going to try and not repeat outfits!

Why am I doing this challenge?
-I want to appreciate my closet more.
-Express creativity in my dress
-Go one month without buying new clothes so I can save money

What did I choose?

I tried to include some pieces I wear a lot as well as some I don't. I also tried to include all my cardigans so I had lots of layering options! Layering is my jam.

Would you ever do a 30x30? Have you done one before?

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