7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess

A few days ago you may have read THIS POST. The mess of a blog post where I poured my heart out about my thoughts on fighting the need for excess. I talked about how I'd been thinking on the subject a lot lately and how God was guiding me. 

Last Monday on a whim, my husband and I went to the library and got ourselves library cards. I've been praying to the Lord a lot about these thoughts on excess and how I could use my feelings to change myself and in turn maybe change a little bit in this world. While browsing for books in the "religion" section I found this one... 7: an experiemental mutiny against excess by Jen Hatmaker. No doubt, the Lord led me to this book. 

She purposefully fasts from excess in 7 ways, giving each way a month (4 weeks) to settle in and be practiced. 

1. Clothes
2. Shopping
3. Waste
4. Food
5. Possessions
6. Media
7. Stress

Each month she sets goals, reads books, talks things over with her friends, gives things away and focuses on becoming more Christlike. She talks about taking care of the poor and needy, and praying for well, just about everyone. She inspired me. 

There is so much excess in my life. So much I don't need. So much buying and spending out of sheer habit and not out of need. I probably won't become a radical Mother Teresa overnight, but this book inspired me to evaluate my spending, of money and of my time. I want to BE more like the Savior, not just attend church, and attend to my calling and "read" my scriptures every night. I want the words of the scriptures to be more than words, I want them to be avenues to my personal "ah-hah" moments where I say, "I get it now God, I totally get it." 

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