Disneyland Mythbusters!

Yo. I am Mindy from Best.Day.Ever. 

While Brooklyn is away, I've come out to play!

Like Brooklyn, I am an avid Disneyland goer! After the age of 10 or so, I lost track of how many times I had been and have never kept up since. I just know everyone should go as often as humanly possible! :)

So! For your enjoyment, while Brooklyn is in Disneyland, I thought I would debunk/confirm some of the Disneyland secrets that are floating around the internets! They just might change the way you Disneyland-it for-ever! 

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Real skulls are used in the ride 

Fact. All of the skeletons and skulls you see on the ride are fake, except the one in above the bed. It is easy to tell the difference between the real one and all the fake ones. Apparently, back in the day, all of the skeletons were real because they were cheaper and easier to come by {how is that even possible?!}. But now that is the lone real skull left.

2. Toy Story Characters : They will fall if you yell,  "Andy is coming!"

False. This used to be true, however, kind of like when kids ask there parents, "Are we there yet?" it got old and they characters stopped dropping to the ground when the declaration was made. If you yell "Andy is coming" the characters will no longer drop. However {!!!!} the jury is still out on if you yell, "Bonnie is coming!" ;)

3. Haunted Mansion: If you ask the host/hostess in the front foyer and ask for death certificate, they will provide you with one.

False. In the past, if you were able to convince the host/hostess that you had died, they would provide you with a death certificate. But Disneyland decided they didn't want anyone to take anything home with the word "dead" on it, so the practice was discontinued. However, if you ask, they will happily tell you, "I am sure you will get one day!"

4. Mad Hatter Tea Cups: Not all the teacups are capable of spinning at the same speed

Fact. If you want the fastest tea cup, pick the purple one!

If you want a few more mythbusters, come join me over at Best.Day.Ever. for a few more!

Can't wait to see you!

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Ashley Anderson said...

Bravo for presenting accurate information ;) :p I mean that in the most sincere way possible, I swear!! haha. It drives me nuts when false information about Disneyland is spread around hahah it's kind of sad that I get that way. LOVED this post. Thanks girl!!

Brooklyn... I am so jealous of you being in Disney right now...