What to Wear to Disneyland

Planning what you wear each day may be a battle. It may be exciting, it may be stressful, it may take a long time. Now take that, and times it by 10. That's what it's like to plan what you are gonna wear to Disneyland. 

I start thinking about what I'm gonna wear weeks/months in advance to my Disney trip. And I try to to save money wherever possible by buying touristy items before I go. (Read this post about where to buy Mickey ears before your next trip!)

Here's the 3 outfits + 1 spare that I have planned for our trip.

Mickey tee (Walmart)
Black yoga pants (Walmart)

Comfort matters at Disneyland! Yoga pants are seriously my go-to for comfort and they don't get chafy if they get wet, and they dry quick in case you decide to ride Splash Mountain.

3/4 Sleeve Stripe Shirt (Target)
Leopard Scarf (Walmart)
Black Yoga Pants (From Day 1)

You will still want to look cute at Disneyland, because more than likely you will be taking lots of pictures. A lightweight scarf is the perfect way to do this.

Polka dot lightweight top (H&M)
Yoga Capris (Walmart)

The top is SO cute that it speaks for itself. I usually go sans jewelry at Disneyland and comfy cute outfits like this let me do that, plus it is a fabulous look with some Mickey ears added!

Blue floral top (JC Penney)
White capsleeve (Downeast Basics)
Black yoga pants (From Day 3)

I like light flowy tops (Plus they hide the food baby from 3 days of eating like crap in the parks) but I also like the modesty that comes from the capsleeve. Again yoga pants. I wear nothing else in Disneyland, there's no reason to.

Packing an extra outfit is essential (unless you're okay buying an extra outfit at the park or your hotel) because you never know what could happen. You could get caught in a rainstorm and want to change, you could spill ketchup all down the front of you, you could rip your blouse on something, so I guess the worry wart in me considers it important to pack the extra outfit and to make it one I love just as much as the others.

Tennis shoes (Walmart)
Hoodie (Old Navy)
Mickey Ears (Etsy)
Sunglasses (Dollar Tree)

You need a good light-weight jacket or coat to take with you, don't let the temperature during the day deceive you, it gets REALLY cold in the morning and evening. Also make sure you pack shoes that you KNOW are comfortable. For my honeymoon I wore cute sandals and regretted it so much, this time around I'm wearing my work out shoes because I know that they don't give me blisters and don't hurt my feet or rub in weird places.

Glasses are likely to get smashed. You're getting on and off rides and I guess I'm just not grown up enough to take care of my sunglasses, but I just buy mine from the Dollar Tree so if they get ruined, oh well, I'm only out $1. Mickey ears can be purchased in the park if you want them to hold more sentimental value, but you will also pay a lot more for ears IN the park.

What do you consider Disneyland outfit essentials? Did I miss anything??

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