Meet The Mormons

This past Saturday night I went with my husband and family to go see Meet the Mormons. I'd been curious about it since I saw the first commercial and I'm honestly pleased and surprised to say that it actually exceeded my expectations.

Here's the trailer.

The movie ISN'T a movie chronicalling the history of our church or its restoration. It's not a documentary designed to teach you everything we believe (although occasionally there's some references). It IS a documentary showing you 6 people and how the gospel affects their lives. It shows that we don't just run away from society and avoid music, movies or dancing, (footloose anyone?) but we live normal lives. Also, the LDS church has teamed up with American Red Cross and all proceeds from the movie will be donated there!

Ever heard of David Archuleta? Well his first single since being home from his mission was designed for the movie. It's called Glorious. Click on the link to go listen, it's amazing! And you can download it for free HERE. 

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland is in THIS video describing a little more about the film although more directed at church letters. But here's what you need to know...

1. The movie is in theaters. 
Meaning you will buy tickets in the same way you always do. 
2. It is Church Produced, First Presidency commissioned.
3. It is not a proselyting effort, but rather more informative. A unique opportunity to show who we really are. 

Some tips for Church members...
1. Request it! 
If you don't have a local theater showing it, go to to request it. 
2. Share!
Share the trailer and other content, and "Like" the Facebook page.
3. Experience it.
He suggested attending opening weekend to help box office numbers, however obviously the time for opening weekend has passed. Attending it STILL helps because proceeds go to Red Cross!

I really enjoyed the movie. It made me tear up, it made me laugh, and it made me want to be a better person. If you're curious, go see it! You just might love it.

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Whitney @ Southern Hope said...

The closest location to us is in Atlanta, 3 theaters up there are showing up. It's a 2 hour drive for us. Hoping to see it soon!!!