Eternal Titles

In this last General Conference, I loved the talk Parents-The Prime Gospel Teachers of Their Children by Tad R. Callister. This was the topic of Relief Society yesterday. 

In that talk he said this, "In the life to come, I do not know if titles such as bishop or Relief Society president will survive, but I do know that the titles of husband and wife, father and mother, will continue and be revered, worlds without end."

I spent some time yesterday and this morning pondering on that quote. What are MY eternal titles? I'm not yet a mother, but I'm a wife. I'm a daughter, and a sister, and a child of God. Those are my eternal titles. The titles I'll get to keep with me forever. Not hairstylist, or mathematician, or accountant, or education major, college student, or any of those earthly titles we get to have while here. But wife, mother, daughter, sister, child of God, I get to be those things FOREVER. 

How can we best prepare for the next life? By honoring our eternal titles, and working to improve ourselves in those facets. 

I'm grateful for my Eternal Titles. And I'm excited to be those things... forever. 

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