The Perfect Time to Set Goals

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i'm aubrey, and i'm happy to be back. last time i was here i talked about avoiding the comparison trap. one suggestion i gave is to set goals. with a brand new year, now is the perfect time to set goals.
we're all probably a little guilty at times of setting goals that are way out of reach. it leads to frustration and makes the comparison trap very real. what's the best way to set goals? a lot depends on individual preference, but these tips should be fairly universally applicable.
1. make goals measurable (give yourself a marker to know you accomplished the goal)
2. set short term goals to help you reach your long range goals (quicker success will give you the motivation to stick with the goal)
3. build in rewards (sometimes the satisfaction of accomplishment isn't enough)
i would love to know what you think. do you think these tips will work? what helps you stick to your goals?

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Tayler Morrell said...

I like to use my planner to help me with mini-steps. Also, just crossing off something tangible really helps make it seem like I'm getting closer to accomplishing the goal.