Why Do We Hate New Year Resolutioners?

I'm pretty sure Resolutioners isn't a word, but you know what I'm talking about right? Those people who decide that January 1 will be a "New Year, New Me." They seem to spend a couple of weeks consistently in the gym, and then mid February the gyms start to clear out. The stories go on and on. 

My question to you is why do we hate them? Why do we decide to LAUGH at them? To say, "It's okay, they'll only be here a few weeks then we can get back to our normal routine." Why do we quote statistics? "75% of New Years Resolutions Fail. 90% of New Years Resolutions Fail"? Why do we say, "I don't set New Years Resolutions because I like to set goals all year"? Good for you! But...

Do you not celebrate the 4th of July just because you're grateful to live in America all year?
Do you not celebrate Christmas just because you're celebrating Christ's birth all year?

Do you not do anything for Valentines Day because you love your husband/wife all year?

Why can't we just be grateful that someone somewhere said, "Ya know what, if you hate the direction your life is headed, change that, and here's a date to do it." I'll admit, even I tried to get into my personal trainer in mid-December because I didn't want it to look like  New Year's Resolution, so I'm not perfect. I'm guilty of the same feelings. But the truth is, I feel more motivated to reach my goals during the month of January than any other month. I think a lot of other people are the same way too.

This year, let's choose to CHEER on the New Year's Resolutioners crowding our gym. Let's share Whole30 recipes with those starting their own journey. Let's CELEBRATE those people who saw that there was something they wanted to change about themselves, and against all odds (New Year Resolutions "statistics") they are TRYING. 

New Year's is a sentiment to me. It's a time set aside for us to evaluate our lives, evaluate ourselves, and evaluate our relationships. So what if it's cliche? So is wearing white to a wedding, yet no one tells the bride, "You know that wearing a white dress doesn't make you a bride right?" We just celebrate that the bride chose tradition, and we move on with our lives. 

Let's do the same for New Year's Resolutioners. I'm one of them! If you could see the list I've made for all I want to accomplish this year you'd laugh in my face. But I set 3 specific January goals, and so far I'm kicking butt. Maybe in February I won't be, but for now, can't you choose to encourage me instead of talk about me behind your back? 

If this world needs anything, it's more cheerleaders, and less coaches. We need more people RAH-RAHing us on, and less people telling us all the reasons we might fail. 

What side will you be on this year? The cheerleaders or the coaches?

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Adrienne said...

I love this post because I feel the exact same way! A bunch of Debbie Downers and for what? Even if there is a significant chance the person isn't going to change or stay in the gym, I still root for them!

Whitney @ Southern Hope said...

I've always felt like a lazy bum not making any resolutions each year. I'm just constantly a work in progress so I rarely reflect on making a list of new years resolutions!

Mindy said...

This is SLIGHTLY off topic, but bear with me ... do resolutions STRESS anyone else out!? Because they do me! And I refer to people who do make resolutions as resolutionists. I think it is about as real of a word as resolutioners. :)

Kristin DiCristofano said...

I love this! It always makes me sad when those super awesome people who exercise year round make fun of those who make exercise a New Years resolution. I think we should just believe in each other despite the statistics :)