4 Questions To Help You Prepare for LDS General Conference + Free Printable //

"Conference messages come to us after prayerful preparation, through the Holy Ghost. This principle is true for all members of the church as we prepare to participate in ward, stake and general conferences. We study it out in our minds what we need and desire from Heavenly Father, and we pray to understand and apply that which we have been taught. As the time for conference arrives, we sacrifice other activities, laying aside the things of this world, to seek for the things of a better."
 // Elder Robert D. Hales 

General Conference is my absolute favorite time of the year, and we are lucky enough to experience it 2X a year. With the Women's Session just last weekend, I'm doing some last minute preparations for this coming weekend for the full sessions. Preparing for General Conference has been on my mind for a few months now, and I finally reached out to Brielle from Breezy and Co and passed on the idea of creating a printable that could be used to prepare for General Conference. She loved the idea and got right on it!

You can get the printable by going HERE.  

It is perfect to pass out to those you visit or home teach, you could hand it out to your young women, use it in Family Home Evening, or even just use it for yourself. It has 4 great questions to think about.

1 // What problems or trials am I facing in my life?

2 // What questions do I have about the gospel?

3 // Where could my testimony use some strength?

4 // What do I hope to learn from General Conference?

I don't readily have access to a color printer, and luckily Brielle is offering a free black & white OR color printable, whichever works better for you. I printed off my b&w option tonight and started filling in my answers and praying that my heart & mind will be open to the answers I need to hear.

I KNOW that if you ponder those 4 questions, pray, study and prepare however you choose to, you WILL receive answers. You WILL feel the spirit. You WILL come away from Conference feeling uplifted, inspired and ready to take on the world. So tell me, how do you prepare for General Conference?

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Tayler Morrell said...

I like this a lot!

Ashley Ziegler said...

This is wonderful!! Big thanks to you and Brielle! :)