// 5 Tips To Get The Best Clothes & Deals On ThredUp //

Awhile ago I came across a blogger who was raving about ThredUp. It's basically online thrifting. Lots of name brand clothes, new and used at a fraction of their retail price. J Crew, Free People, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Nike, Lululemon, etc.  When I first logged on I was overwhelmed, and can you blame me? There are SO many clothes to go through on their site.

Along with having so many clothes to go through, you have to remember that it is like thrifting. While most of the clothes they sell are excellent quality, there are a few tips I have for you to make sure you get the best clothes and deals possible.


1 // Use THIS REFERRAL LINK to get $20 to use toward your first purchase. 

Thred Up is so confident in their clothes & process that they offer you $20 to try it out. You have to use THIS LINK to get the $20 credit to your account though! 

2 // Shop "New With Tags"

Near the top of the page there is a way to filter by Size, Brand, Color and Condition. Under Condition click "NEW". Everything filtered under NEW is New With Tags, which is obviously going to be your best bet for getting superb clothes. These option are a little more expensive, but totally worth it if you ask me. 

3 // Know the Return Policy

Once you receive your clothes, you have 14 days to decide what you want to keep or return. I ordered a pair of shoes and once I received them, I decided I didn't think they were worth what I paid. I chose to return them. It is a very simple process. You go to your ThredUp Account, choose the order, choose the item you want to return, and they print a return label. There is a shipping fee if you want to be refunded, but if you choose store credit there is NO FEE. You get all your money back in store credit and they pay the shipping back. 

4 //  Double Check Your Items

Learn from my mistakes. I purchased a dress from a brand I'd never heard of, and when I got it I realized it was too small. I went to return it because I had such great experiences with returns, and realized because it was a SALE item it was non-returnable. Ever since I have chose to purchase only items that are returnable unless they are really worth the risk. Besides that pair of shoes which were super cute, just not worth the money to me, the dress was the only item I regretted. If you make sure that your items are indeed returnable, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Their customer service is top notch!

5 // Share!

Once you receive your first package and you fall in love with the clothes and the company, you can get your own Referral Link under ACCOUNT > Referrals & Invitations. You can share that link with friends/family/twitter/blog followers/etc. If they use your link they get $20 credit to use to try it out and you get $20 credit added to your account as a thank you from ThredUp for sharing what you love!


In THIS POST I'm wearing a blue plaid shirt that is J Crew that I purchased for $12. It was New With Tags and was worth over $50! Total steal. Let me know if you get anything!! And be sure to use this LINK to get the $20 towards your purchase. No minimum!

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