We Are Fragile

On Sunday I taught the Young Women in my Ward a lesson about developing Christlike love. I found myself inspired to touch on the subject of cyber bullying. We talked about how easy it is to be the bully, how hard it can be to be the one to stand up for what is right, and what to do if you're the one being bullied.

I shared this video that was created by the LDS church for their youth website. It is a beautiful song about how we are so fragile. That we must be kind, loving, and understanding to others even if they are different. When we ourselves are hurt, we must turn to Jesus Christ who can heal the pain. 

We talked about how we MUST choose to be the one who stands for right, even if we stand alone. We must stand up to bullying in all it's forms, including online bullying. Kindness changes lives. I am living proof of that! I've had people stand up for me when I was being bullied online and it made all the difference to know I had someone on my side. 

Knowing I had someone on my side didn't heal all the hurt, but it gave me my confidence back. I turned to Jesus Christ's Atonement to heal the rest and over time my aches and pains were healed! It is a miracle. Christ's atonement is a miracle!

I am fragile. You are fragile. Everyone you meet is fragile. And we must treat them as so.

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Tayler Morrell said...

That song is beautiful and you are amazing and beautiful, too!