Personal Training Update //

It's technically been 3.5 weeks now that I have been working with my personal trainer as I was a little late to getting around to this post.

I've had a great time so far working with her. She sends me my workouts, I do them, I try to eat healthy and I've slowly been losing weight! Last week my weight loss was only 1/2 a pound, but I knew that my eating was not where it should be and that I couldn't expect a lot of weight loss when I was only giving 50% effort so I'm very pleased with that weight loss.

I only did 4/5 workouts. We have had so many things coming up at short notice lately, my sisters birthday party, a garage/bake sale for my grandma (and who can turn down homemade cinnamon rolls?) as well as LDS General Conference. I'm just really trying to figure out that gray area where moderation/hard work meet.

Non-Scale Victories // 

I've been watching my portions a lot better. Even though I ate out, I only ate til I was full and saved the rest for later. Even though I ate treats, I only ate 1 instead of 2-3. This is a HUGE victory for me as I've definitely been known to eat myself sick. (Why Why Why would I ever do that to myself?? I'm still figuring it out!)

Instead of my husband and I each getting a dessert at dinner the other night, we split one. These are the small changes that I am trying to make! Almost imperceptible, but as Elder Devin Durrant said this past week in LDS Conference, "Small efforts sustained over time can produce significant results."

This Weeks Goals //

My health goals have been changing a lot after praying, talking with my husband and pondering why I'm REALLY doing this and what I want this lifestyle change to look like. I'll probably share more about this on my Week 4 review. I've got a Disneyland trip coming up that I'm still trying to figure out what my plans are for that trip...but for right now my goals for this week are still...

Eat veggies 1X a day and fruits 2X a day.

Do at least 4 of my workouts.

Keep praying, pondering, reading and deciding on my next steps after this month with my personal trainer is over!

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Caroline said...

Awesome to hear that working with a personal trainer has been such a good choice for you! I think it's definitely something I'd consider once my bank account's a little more stable :)

Laura, The Start of a Good Life said...

Great job though! It's tough changing ones habits, for sure. My hubby starts working with a personal trainer this week and I'm hoping the food choices help me out too :)