2017 GOALS

I LOVE FRESH STARTS!! I love celebrating a brand new year every single January. I find so much energy and power in starting over, and while you can make every single day a fresh start, there is something so refreshing about January 1st. 

I've got some BIG dreams and goals for 2017. I spent December filling out my Powersheets from Cultivate What Matters. They really help me uncover what will make my year the most purposeful one yet.

Here are my 10 goals for 2017...

1 // Enjoy daily SIT time (scritpure study, journaling, meditation) for at least 5 minutes

2// Attend 100 yoga classes

3 // Create daily health habits (greens, probiotic, more vegan meals, cook new recipes, meditation, meal planning) 

4 // Finish foster care licensing and become a foster mom

 5 // Tend my marriage well

6 // Continue to work my Monat business & donate 50% of profits to Utah Foster Care

7 // Make home more holy through cleanliness

8 // Get ready head to toe each day (hair, makeup, outfit, shoes, stop biting nails) 

9 // Read 12+ books 

10 // Blog Weekly 

The goals are fluid. I may not work on every single one every single month but they are my long term goals, so I wanted them in writing. My January goals dial in on few of them, and I'll try to share them this week, , but I wanted to share my over-arching views of what 2017 will look like.

So tell me, what does your 2017 hold for you??

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